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Bet on Greyhound racing online. Take the advantage of betting on dog races taking place around the world by betting online with best odds.

Pacing Bet on greyhound racing is popular in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA, with these countries being pretty fanatical dog lovers. In these countries there very formal betting and racing structures in place which safe guards the welfare of these dogs - much like horses, these animals are very valuable. We also find bets on greyhound racing taking place in Mexico, China and Spain where some animal activist express concern regarding the welfare of dogs. Betting exchanges will allow you to wager on races all over the world, but it is interesting to note that in Florida, USA where this sport was extremely popular, a great deal of interest has waned. However if you choose to place a wager, there are several ways of going about this.

Like all sports betting, the punter is trying to beat the book - in other word put their money where their mouth is to make a profit. The advantages of betting online are many as there are more races taking place around the world on which wagers may be placed. Just like all sports betting activities, depending on the country of origin odds are offered in Moneyline (USA), Decimal (Australia, Europe) and Fractions in the UK. There are also different types of wagers and these are dependent upon the greyhound track and the sports book (bookmakers) used. Some have more options while others offer less.

In the United States for example, betting on greyhound racing is often pooled with one individual placing a wager against another. The odds are then developed according to the amount of bets placed and the value of the pool. As the US uses the Moneyline structure odds might read +500 in which case winning would be 5/1 or $5 for every $1 wager.

A straight bet is always easy to place, this is a popular individual wager and the player bets on the dog they think will win. Odds are calculated according to whether the animal is a favourite or not. A Place bet is for the animal which finishes in the top two, while a Show is a result in the top 3 on one dog. An Across the Board bet is a bet on a single dog for a win, place and show. If the dog comes in first place all three wagers will pay; if it comes in second they win Place and Show, and if it comes third they win the Show bet. Hence the name "Across the Board"!

A Pick six is just like horse racing where a certain set of 6 consecutive races applies. The punter placing bet on greyhound racing in this way needs to get each first place correct to win. This kind of bet has long odds and can pay out a great deal of money for a winner. A Pick 3 is half the Pick 6 and works in exactly the same way. In the UK a punter may wager on a Straight Forecast for the first two dogs to cross the finish in a certain order. There are also Treble Forecasts, Combination Bets, Reverse Forecasts, Superfecta and a Jackpot which is like a Pick 6.
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Champion’s League: Barca defeated at home

On Tuesday evening, the numerous supporters who came massively in the stadium Camp Nou were rather disappointed. Messi’s team didn’t succeed to stand out against the Atletico Madrid the first leg quarterfinal of the famous Champion’s League. Both parties have neutralized themselves by one goal everywhere. This meeting was at high...
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Friday, 28 March 2014 Add a comment

F1: Is the V6 turbo engine too much noisy?

While it has done only one race during the first of the season in Australia, the new V6 turbo

is already attracting a certain number of criticisms.
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Thursday, 09 February 2012 Add a comment

Betfair Poker To Host Thor Hansen Charity Tournament

Following the shocking news that Thor Hansen has developed Terminal cancer, Betfair Poker has announced that it will host a charity poker tournament to help him with medical costs.

Thor Hansen, who has been dubbed 'The Godfather of Nordic Poker', has contributed a lot to the poker community and now...
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Monday, 28 February 2011 Add a comment

The Keno Game

Playing Keno is like joining the Lotto. Keno is just way faster than Lotto and will therefore probably deliver quicker results. One of the reasons for Keno’s popularity is its simplicity... There is a lot to win with relatively small deposits. The goal of the game if to guess which number...
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Wednesday, 08 December 2010 Add a comment

Website where all kind of bet is possible Bet770

Sports in general and football never cease to amaze us thanks especially to the different championships and tournament held everywhere in the world. The champion's league, the first league, the world championship... With Bet770, the website where all kind of bet is possible, you can enjoy even more these moments. Indeed,...
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Thuesday, 12 October 2010 Add a comment

Tips to win at the online Bingo

The number of cards chosen depends on the number of players in the room where you are playing. If there are few opponents, a maximum of grids will allow the player to increase their chance to win. When During the selection of your cards, you can take cards with different combinations....
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Monday, 27 September 2010 Add a comment

Casinos and stereotypes

In France a lot of French people have a bad idea of Casino Bet and a lot of stereotypes are associated to them such as cheating, rigged game and appropriate clothes. A break for them because through these stereotypes casinos suffer of a bad reputation and at the...
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Monday, 16 August 2010 Add a comment

Online bingo, a game friendly

Bingo has undergone a transition to online only partial success because the "ancestor" of online bingo, bingo games, is a game that enjoyed great success with the elderly. Indeed, the lotto prizes are more symbolic such as bottles of wine or hams. The main attraction is the friendly...
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