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Bet on Greyhound racing online. Take the advantage of betting on dog races taking place around the world by betting online with best odds.

Pacing Bet on greyhound racing is popular in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA, with these countries being pretty fanatical dog lovers. In these countries there very formal betting and racing structures in place which safe guards the welfare of these dogs - much like horses, these animals are very valuable. We also find bets on greyhound racing taking place in Mexico, China and Spain where some animal activist express concern regarding the welfare of dogs. Betting exchanges will allow you to wager on races all over the world, but it is interesting to note that in Florida, USA where this sport was extremely popular, a great deal of interest has waned. However if you choose to place a wager, there are several ways of going about this.

Like all sports betting, the punter is trying to beat the book - in other word put their money where their mouth is to make a profit. The advantages of betting online are many as there are more races taking place around the world on which wagers may be placed. Just like all sports betting activities, depending on the country of origin odds are offered in Moneyline (USA), Decimal (Australia, Europe) and Fractions in the UK. There are also different types of wagers and these are dependent upon the greyhound track and the sports book (bookmakers) used. Some have more options while others offer less.

In the United States for example, betting on greyhound racing is often pooled with one individual placing a wager against another. The odds are then developed according to the amount of bets placed and the value of the pool. As the US uses the Moneyline structure odds might read +500 in which case winning would be 5/1 or $5 for every $1 wager.

A straight bet is always easy to place, this is a popular individual wager and the player bets on the dog they think will win. Odds are calculated according to whether the animal is a favourite or not. A Place bet is for the animal which finishes in the top two, while a Show is a result in the top 3 on one dog. An Across the Board bet is a bet on a single dog for a win, place and show. If the dog comes in first place all three wagers will pay; if it comes in second they win Place and Show, and if it comes third they win the Show bet. Hence the name "Across the Board"!

A Pick six is just like horse racing where a certain set of 6 consecutive races applies. The punter placing bet on greyhound racing in this way needs to get each first place correct to win. This kind of bet has long odds and can pay out a great deal of money for a winner. A Pick 3 is half the Pick 6 and works in exactly the same way. In the UK a punter may wager on a Straight Forecast for the first two dogs to cross the finish in a certain order. There are also Treble Forecasts, Combination Bets, Reverse Forecasts, Superfecta and a Jackpot which is like a Pick 6.
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The different kinds of bonuses proposed by the websites of sports betting

Like in all sectors of gambling and luck, sports betting are also popular and don’t stop to attract numerous gamers, because of their great ease of access at any time, but also thanks to the bonuses offered by the bookmakers. For that purpose, numerous shapes of bonuses are proposed by online...
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Monday, 23 June 2014 Add a comment

Sports betting: The best source to make money

Sports like football and rugby have gained popular recognition all over the world for its remarkable fan base. The actual holding of the World championship of football in Brazil, a planetary event is a real boon for the sector. Each person has a sport that they like so much since they...
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Thursday, 12 June 2014 Add a comment

Gambling on a rugby online match

For you who are fanatic of rugby, online betting sites offer the opportunity to take advantage of your passion and take time for amusement at the same time. Online sport betting sites propose among others online bets on rugby competitions. A wide range of bets is available on all rugby matches...
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 Add a comment

Online betting futures

Online betting is a form of gambling that has grown increasingly popular over the years. This popularity is a result of the internet and the creation of gambling sites, and now there are many gambling sites that offer users the convenience of online betting. The online gambling industry is incredibly popular...
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Thursday, 05 June 2014 Add a comment

Horse racing: Cyrille Gombeau heads for retirement!

He is one of the well-known figures of punters and also lovers of online and mobile gambling in France. Rumours about his retirement have been spreading for weeks in the world of horse racing and particularly in online sports betting sites. Now we are there! It is about Cyrille Gombeau. This...
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Thuesday, 03 June 2014 Add a comment

The advantages of sport betting sites’ comparators

After the legalization of online gambling games on the French territory, a procedure initiated by the ARJEL, there is now an emergence of bookmakers on online sports betting. The appearance is so huge that gamblers have some difficulties to find the address that corresponds to their expectations. On that context, there...
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Thuesday, 27 May 2014 Add a comment

Marc Marquez remains a winner on races

Since the beginning of 2014, Marc Marquez remains the champion on four big prizes of motor race. Until now, the sport betting prognostics forecasted for the Spanish sportsman in the coming rides seem to be good. As a racing driver of the Honda team, he indeed has accomplished a very good...
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Thursday, 22 May 2014 Add a comment

World horse racing event in Vitré: A great show despite the rain!

The rain which had disrupted the meeting of Thursday May 1st at “Saint- Etienne de Vitré” didn’t stop punters and online sports betting fans to come in great number. The first horse racing event of this season was crowned with big success. Nearly about 2,500 visitors attended this meeting where eight...
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